JaSam Mvid: "God Must Of Spent A Little More Time On You"

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Before Sam, Jason's life was pretty empty and she changed him! You don't believe me let him tell you!

This song fits perfectly for what Jason should be telling Sam! Which he really knows himself! Everything I see the way he looks at her, touch her face, holds her in his arms and kisses her made me see envious to find true love and passion like that! But right now he needs to WTFU and remember all this I also thought you were grateful on what you had too! Despite my anger we need JaSam back! So we need to band together and kick TIIC in the butt to make it happen! Not all angels need to be perfect or wear halo's they just need to be right for you and Sam was and always will be the right one for Jason and vice versa! And me too I'm crazy about the woman, hell I'm no saint, who is!

The song is called God Must Of Spent A Little More Time On You by N-Sync! All comments welcome!

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