Marianne Faithfull - Madame George

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This is Marianne's cover of the great Van Morrison song Madame George and
is a rehearsa lrecording for a US radio show. The finished song I believe
appears on a CD titled The Songs Of Van Morrison.

Note: all these tracks are just that, rehearsals and quite different to the
vesions on her Secret Life & Broken English CD's. Also I don't know of any
other recordings of her doing Ruby Tuesday. Please see download link below

Marianne Faithfull and band in rehearsal 1995.
Recorded for the WFUV Radio Show, Idiot's Delight
Hosted By Vin Scelsa

Marianne Faithfull
Complete Music Rehearsal Studios
New York City NY 1995

1.The Stars Line Up.
2.The Wedding.
3.Flaming September. (Take 1)
4.Flaming September. (Take 2)
5.Flaming September. (Take 3)
6.Flaming September. (Take 4)
7.Broken English.
8.Madam George. (Take 1)
9.Madam George. (Take 2)
10.Love In The Afternoon.
11.Ruby Tuesday.

Marianne Faithfull - Vocals
Barry Reynolds - Guitar
J .T. Lewis - Drums
Steve Treccase - Keyboards
Mark Egan - Bass Guitar

download link here:

Total Playing Time 40:24
MP3 320kbps
Good Sound Quality
File Size 92.7MB

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