BACH Fugue in G-Minor ('The Little') BWV 578 Thank Smoking

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1996 performance on my home-built (electronic) sampler pipe organ.

Listen carefully for there is a lot of subtle keyboard hopping between different stops as in a quiet reflective prayer conversation between servant and Master.

It's on my infamous 'Pipe Organ Story' CD here:

The CD was highly acclaimed, ranking on the Year-In-Review Top 20 all-time for all genres on in 1999 (in sales and listens), well above even the pop and techno charts.

The hilarious film 'Thank You For Smoking' had an acapella version of this at a faster tempo, executive produced by David O. Sacks, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk co-founders of Paypal, screenplay & direction by Jason Reitman, book by Christopher Buckley.

cavaille coll baroque

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