The Wonders of the Hydrological Cycle

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The Hydrologic Cycle (or the Water Cycle) is a cycle of evaporation, evapotranspiration, precipitation and infiltration.
The sun heats bodies of waters such as oceans and lakes, which causes the water to evaporate and form water vapor. Water vapor is also transpired from trees and soil. The collection of water vapor condenses to form clouds, which move around the globe by air currents. With the right conditions, clouds precipitate; some of the water absorbs into the ground to form an aquifer, and some runs into lakes and streams. This is a continuous cycle, however, human settlement has put a damper on the cycle. For example, industrial waste and toxins can pollute air and water, the building of dams disrupts the natural flow of water, the building of roads cause erosion, to name a few. In order to prevent further harm to the environment, we should consider the consequences of our actions to create a more eco-friendly environment for our future.

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