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So Close - Sexy beautiful Dangerous battling babes Climax So Close (2002) Chik yeung tin si Shu Qi Vicky Zhao Wei Karen Mok Man-Wai Corey Yuen Kwai Corey Yuen Zhao Wei Karen Mok Song Seung-Hun Michael Wai Chi-Ho Kurata Yasuaki Hong Kong action film assassin cop police sword fight The Transporter Better than The Matrix, Kill Bill and Charlie's Angels
shows that sex isn't everything to killing bad guys
Despite the fact that this is a super-slick action thriller with guns, swords, cars and martial arts, So Close is a refreshing and unusual movie So Close is not a skin flick Hong Kong action film Girl on girl fighting bloody and brutal Girls-With-Guns "Girls with guns" femme fatale martial artists attractive hot girls sexy girl death fight, bloody kung-fu kung fu non-stop action film villain leading ladies gorgeous CHARLIE'S ANGELS beautiful Dangerous sex symbol Kill Bill gun-fu shooting shootouts female lead battling babes
So Close (Chik yeung tin see) is a 2002 action-adventure Hong Kong film directed by Corey Yuen and starring Shu Qi, Karen Mok and Zhao Wei. The English title is derived from the The Carpenters' song Close to You, which has a prominent role in the film

Ai Lin (Shu Qi) and her sister Ai Quan (Zhao Wei) are computer hackers and espionage specialists who use their late father's advanced secret satellite technology to give them the field advantage over their enemies and the local law enforcement. At the start of the movie they assassinate the chairman of a top Chinese company.
In the aftermath of their successful mission, an intelligent Police Detective named Kong Yat Hung (Karen Mok) is assigned to their case and is able to track them down. The cat-and-mouse chase becomes more complicated when Lin and Ai Quan become the targets of the very people who originally hired them.
As Ai Quan was always the assistant on their computer at home while Ai Lin, the older and better assassin, did the field work; this was met with jealousy from Ai Quan, who wanted to do field work. Ai Quan, not knowing that Ai Lin was merely trying to protect her, believed that Ai Lin forbade her to fight and kill because she was the less adept of the two. When Ai Lin fell in love and decided to give up her life as a contract killer to marry and live a "normal" life, argument rose between the sisters - Ai Quan wanted to continue contract killing to someday prove that she could become a killer as good as her older sister.
On the day of Yat Hung and Ai Lin's birthdays (coincidentally, the same day), Ai Quan is found by Yat Hung at a bakery buying cake, which leads to a frantic car chase. Ai Quan becomes cornered by police cars and seeks help from her older sister Ai Lin, who is at home. However, at the same time, killers hired by the man who originally hired the sisters make advances on the sisters' house and Ai Lin is killed while trying to save her younger sister Ai Quan. Yat Hung is framed for Lin's death. Left with no choice, Yat Hung teams up with Ai Quan to find Lin's true killer.

The parking garage standoff scene
•Shu Qi Lin
•Zhao Wei Quan
•Karen Mok Kong Yat-Hung
•Song Seung Hun Yen
•Yasuaki Kurata
•Deric Wan
•Michael Wai Siu-Ma
•Wan Siu-Lun
•Shek Sau
•Lam Ki Yan
•Josephine Ho
•Lam Sheung Mo
•May Kwong May
•Henry Fong
•Paw Hee Ching
The genre started in the 1960s when then-unknown Cheng Pei-pei starred in the 1966 Shaw Brothers Studio film Come Drink with Me, the first film to combine Hong Kong action cinema with a female as the lead. Cheng followed up her success in this film with Golden Swallow in 1968. Golden Harvest Studios had their own female fighter, Angela Mao Ying, best known to western audiences for playing the ill-fated sister of Bruce Lee's character in Enter the Dragon. She starred in such films as Hapkido, When Taekwondo Strikes and Lady Whirlwind. In the early 1980s, there was a change in the Hong Kong film industry: movies had bigger budgets, new stars, and new stories. Two new faces appeared around this time: Michelle Yeoh and martial artist Cynthia Rothrock. They starred in the Corey Yuen directed film Yes Madam, AKA In the Line of Duty 2. The movie was a box office hit making Yeoh and Rothrock stars and reviving the "girls with guns" genre. In the mid 1980s many martial arts movies featured a female either as the lead or as the co-star in action.[citation needed]
Actresses Jade Leung, Yukari Oshima, Cynthia Khan and Joyce Godenzi would rise to

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