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Posted on Sunday, May 11, 2008

Metacafe is "The Most Transparant Video Site" for Content Creators

LOS ANGELES -- Most folks who upload to video sharing sites simply want to share. They want exposure for their clips just for fun or to build a reputation.

Some content creators want to make money and several sites offer monetization. Although the aggregate amount of money paid out has been modest to date, this will surely grow.

Most offer a share of revenue advertising sold around a video. One site, Metacafe, provides a simple compensation formula: $5 paid for each 1000 views.

In a round up to video sharing monetization schemes published this week in Read/Write/Web, the formula used by Metacafe was found to be "the most transparent."

Earlier this week at Digital Hollywood, I spoke with Metacafe CEO Erick Hachenberg. The company, founded in Tel Aviv has located to Palo Alto, raised a sizable venture round last year and is expanding its staff.

-- Andy Plesser

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