Hyakjyu Sentai Gaoranger G Phone 百獣戦隊ガオレンジャー G フォン

By: CCLemon99


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ガオアクセス! HAA! Here is the very first standard Cell Phone Changer*! The G Phone! This toy is incredibly cool and fun, but at the same time they engineered the hell out of it making it probably too complex and fragile for many children [there are some very smart kids out there though!]. Also, the electronics are kinda sparce. Everything else, however, makes up for that! This toy is truly a collector's piece. It feels like that's who they made this toy for, the older fan. A toy like say ... the Dynobuckler [Zyuranger] can stand some hard knocks from a kid. The G Phone is one that would probably break with your average toddler/child. Maybe thats why this toy is a rarity these days... If you're a Gaoranger or Sentai fan be sure to pick this one up! And spend those extra dollars to get a sealed one! My G Phone was sealed until today when I snapped a million pictures of it. You can even see in the pictures of the box that it hadn't been opened! * NOTE: The very first Cell Phone Changer was the Keitaizer and it belonged to Megasilver [Megaranger].
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