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July 7, 1989 News Release

KIRKLAND, Wash - It might not do a wheelie like James Bond's W900B, but Kenworth's look-alike, with optional Extended Hood, will draw more than a few looks of admiration and cause a few truckers to pull out their tape measures.
The Limited Edition James Bond truck coincides with the release of the newest James Bond movie, "Licence to Kill." In the film, Bond uses Kenworth W900Bs to pull him through perilous situations. The same truck, minus the 1000 horsepower engine required in the film, will be available in limited numbers at Kenworth dealerships beginning in September.
Ed Wallace, Kenworth's general sales and marketing manager, says the trucks are not "standard" by any means. "They'll feature the 007 paint design and a gold-plated Kenworth hood ornament, as well as a gold-plated nameplate on the side to commemorate the film," said Wallace. "In addition, they'll feature the most luxurious driver amenities we've ever offered, including a high powered (300 watt) sound system, with CD and cassette players and equalizer, and an entertainment system, complete with VCR and color TV. You won't find a more sophisticated or powerful stereo system anywhere. In addition, the interior is our top-of-the-line VIT option diamond tufted - fitting for this special truck."
The Limited Edition also introduces Kenworth's Extended Hood option, adding a full 10-inches to the hood, giving the truck a powerful, classic appearance. The Extended Hood will now be offered as an option on all Kenworth W900Bs.
Drivers who enjoy the traditional look, will now be able to have the latest in technology along with the bold appearance of the longer hood and the 60-inch AERODYNE sleeper (standard with the Limited Edition). "The Extended Hood celebrates classic trucking with a full 130-inch bumper to back of cab dimension."
"Coming out of the factory, the Extended Hood model will be the fanciest, most eye-popping truck ever produced by Kenworth. It's a beautiful truck," Wallace said. "We've designed this model to appear to the successful driver who enjoys the glamour of chrome and polish, and who appreciates luxurious amenities."
Extended Hood models feature power steering using Cat, Cummins or Detroit Diesel engines. Customers have a choice of 9, 10, 13, 15 and 18 speed transmissions. Featuring tandem rear axles, the new model also has Kenworth Air Glide 100 rear suspension for a smoother, more comfortable ride.
To make the W900B look more like a show truck than an over-the-road model, Kenworth have added lots of extra options. "We've added a substantial amount of bright work to really make it shine and stand out from the crowd," said Wallace. "Starting at the front , we've gone with a chrome-plated steel bumper and added dual polished aluminum fuel tanks, dual chromed exhaust stacks, a stainless steel sun visor and polished aluminum tool and battery boxes. To finish off the truck, we are factory installing stainless steel cab and sleeper light panels, providing quite an impressive sight."
Wallace also pointed out that the new truck, like all Kenworths, had hundreds of options available to match the truck to the customer's exact needs.
The W900B with Extended Hood can be ordered with a 60-inch VIT or AERODYNE VIT Sleepers, or it can be ordered as a non-sleeper tractor.

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