LPS Movie: Nightmare On Elm Street (Part 1/5)

By: TheSonja41


Uploaded on August 16, 2012 by TheSonja41 Powered by YouTube

SOOOOO Many Movies And Series Right Now. Working My BUTT Off For You Guys. I Hope You All Appreciate My Hard Work. It's Not An Easy Job To Edit, Let Me Tell You.I It Takes 3 Hours Or More Just Filming The Videos. And Yes, Half Of Them Are Mess Ups. Then It Takes About 30 Minutes To An Hour Editing. About 15 Minutes Saving And Sometimes 30 Minutes Uploading. I Take Hours Out Of My Time Just To Edit For You Guys. I Seriously Need More Subs For What I Do. I'm Not Trying To Sound Ungrateful But I Seriously Work Harder Than Many YouTubers.
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