Senate Judiciary Committee W/Alberto Gonzales-7/24/07 Pt19

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Published 19 May 2010
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Part 19 of 32  Senate Judiciary Committee with Alberto Gonzales.  End of Senator Chuck Schumer's first round of questions to Alberto Gonzales, Leahy weighs in. 7/24/07
KEEP IN MIND: Gonzales was given each and every question he would be asked beforehand. Nothing was a surprise - there was absolutely NO "GOTCHA!"

Transcript of this portion of the hearing:

SCHUMER: Mr. Chairman, I think we have to pursue this at some point. Because this is -- I've never heard anything quite like this.

LEAHY: Could I ask, if I might, you said you made a clarification to some -- to a reporter. This is such a significant and major point. Did you ever offer such a clarification to either Senator Specter or myself?

GONZALES: You mean in terms of what was said at the press conference?


GONZALES: I don't believe so. But I think my correspondence and testimony is accurate. The statement at the press conference was not accurate, and I corrected it. That was corrected.

SCHUMER: But, Mr. Chairman, if I might, now what the attorney general is saying the way this is clarified is that Jim Comey was not talking about the program the president...

LEAHY: I'm going to ask for a review of the transcript, both of what Mr. Comey said...

SCHUMER: Everyone knows that's not true.

LEAHY: ... and what Mr. Gonzales said. There's a discrepancy here in sworn testimony. We're going to have to ask who's telling the truth, who's not.
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