An Occurrence Of Jethro Tull At Owl Creek Bridge

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A re-scoring of the Ambrose Bierce story / French film classic, "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge" (which you may remember from a classic episode of The Twilight Zone), using the longest song in modern rock history - Jethro Tull's 43 minute epic "Thick As A Brick".

Whenever I would listen to the album / song "Thick As A Brick" I would always picture some sort of chase sequence, a man running from his death or something. And when I first watched "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" during a film class at Emerson College - I thought it would be awesome with that song behind it.

The video is unchanged, and the song only received some small edits to fit into the shorter time span, and to match one or two audio cues - but most of the similarities between music tempo/lyrics/and verse changes are as coincidental and amazing as those in the Dark Side Of The Moon / Wizard Of Oz trick.

I apologize for the low quality in video, I had to rip the video from a poor source to begin with.

An ideo Production from Jonathan Paula.

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