50 MPH 8000W AWD Electric Offroad Mountain Bike First Drive

By: hipowercycles


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Dual motor e-bike reaching very fast speed of 47-48 mph in minimal space. Bicycle as seen is running at 5600W with 2WD. This bike does come with the option of running at 8000W or 5600W. We chose 5600W because we felt 8000W is not needed and just spins the tires needlessly and also puts added stress on components. The pull is quite amazing on this thing. This particular video is the first impressions of our first ride. The space we ran it is just slightly downhill but also around a bend so there is less than 350 feet to really get on the throttle. Later testing on flat ground yielded 50 MPH on GPS and Radar! Total system weight ready to ride is only 65 lbs! (29.5 kg!)
8000w kit reaching fast speeds with amazing hill climbing

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