Film Restoration Using AVISynth and Vegas

By: johnmeyer77


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This shows how old kinescopes can be restored. This is a short segment from a kinescope. The "before" shows the original footage. To get to the "after," I first removed all dust and dirt, using "despot." I then used motion-compensated denoising to remove film grain. Next, I used deshaker to get rid of film judder/gate weave. All these steps remove the obvious film artifacts. However, to restore the 60i video cadence (although this was actually shot in PAL), I used a motion-estimation script that converts 24p to 60i. I noise-reduced the audio. Finally, I adjusted the gamma using a custom color curve (in Vegas). Note: Since the 24p to 60i conversion sometimes creates ugly artifacts, I "masked in" the original 24p frames (which were upconverted using standard Vegas frame blending) to cover the artifacts.

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