Enchanted Vs. The Little Mermaid (comparisons) (5/9/09 - NOW WITH ANNOTATIONS! :D)

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(May 9, 2009) - NOW WITH ANNOTATIONS [FINALLY]! :D ---------------------------------------- I've been wan...
(May 9, 2009) - NOW WITH ANNOTATIONS [FINALLY]! :D ---------------------------------------- I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and these past two weeks I've had some spare time, and decided to spend it on this simple video. Before anyone starts getting into me saying that these aren't references, then I'll clarify: Kevin Lima (director) has said himself that every detail in "Enchanted" is a reference to past Disney animation. These are most of the ones that I found (the ones not listed in articles but featured in this video were all found by me!) Some additional explanation: 3) At first, I thought that Edward swings Giselle around three times in reference to the three times it's been used in a Disney movie (TLM, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin)- but then I did the entire scene, and almost everything fit in simultaneously. I'm pretty convinced. 4) Pretty obvious. Most articles say that Giselle sings to her statue like Ariel does, but Ariel never sings to the statue, she just flirts. 7) I'm not too sure about this one. 8) Didn't catch this, but I wish I had! 10) I'm so proud to be the only one (as far as I know) to have found this. In all the scenes in Robert's apartment, a stuffed animal of a sheepdog sits on one of his couches. Who else could it be referring to? 11) It's not probably not specifically for Ursula, but just a reference to all the villains. If I remember correctly, The Queen (from Snow White), Lady Tremaine (from Cinderella), Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty), and even Jafar (from Aladdin) do it, as well. 12) Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel), who has a small role (rather than a cameo like Paige O'Hara [Belle] and Judy Kuhn [Pocahontas]) as Robert's secretary. In case anyone was wondering, I got the behind-the-scenes footage of Jodi from the second disc of TLM's Platinum Edition. 14) I didn't catch onto this the first time I saw it, but as far as I know, I'm the only one who did. I actually really like this one. ADDITIONAL FINDINGS: There were three scenes in the film that I feel are extremely similar to scenes in TLM, but did not include them: - At the King & Queen's Ball (more specifically, at the end of "So Close"), a brokenhearted Giselle stands atop the stairs, watching Robert and Nancy together; the scene and concept are exactly like in TLM (the redhead watches as her "prince" is taken from her by a brunette), but it's not quite shot-for-shot. - Giselle falls asleep on Robert's couch; I thought this was very similar to the scene were Ariel falls asleep while Sebastian explains how to get Eric to kiss her. - When Edward and Giselle leave on their date, the dialog between Robert and Morgan is EXTREMELY similar to the scene before the last in TLM, with Triton and Sebastian; both talk about how much they're going to miss "her". - (contributed by TimeKaiser) Nathaniel chases Pip in the diner, like how Sebastian is chased by Chef Louis in the kitchen. And of course there's the wedding dresses, which I'm sure everyone picked up on from Enchanted's early trailers. I didn't put it in here for both that reason, and because I couldn't think of a way to actually compare the two (without using stills; I feel that using stills makes a video a slideshow, and slideshows are boring IMO). So, all I have left to say is that I hope you all enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed making it. This is just one of the many reasons why I love Enchanted so much, but of course- The Little Mermaid will always hold that special place in my heart. I hope to do more "Enchanted vs. ___" in the future! :D Resources: "Created By: theCombuster" Font: *******lathronaniron.deviantart****/art/True-Love-s-Kiss-Font-76403453 Part of Your World Instrumental: *******www.youtube****/watch?v=ZL37hKxUBcA As always, Enchanted and The Little Mermaid belong to Disney- I'm just a big fan. Not found by me: Sitting on rock: *******www****ingsoon****/news/movienews.php?id=42900 Seashells: *******www.usatoday****/life/movies/news/2007-11-22-enchanted-homage-side_N.htm