The Sopranos Trailer

By: GG3687


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An edited montage of the 5 seasons of Sopranos as a trailer for the 6th season.

Edited by Greg Gingold

I made a parody of The Sopranos back in February but it was too long to put up on You Tube, but if any of you would like to see it, I posted it up on, here's the link:

It's called "At the Movies with Paulie, Christopher and Silvio," I play Silvio, Mike DeVine who played "Sammie" in my "Adam Sandler: RESPECT" movie (on you tube) plays Paulie, and Frank Papik who played "Old guy who eats" in "Adam Sandler: RESPECT" plays Christopher.

So check it out and leave me a review up on that site (Click on "Review This Film" at the top right corner) to tell me what you think.

Thanks guys, and enjoy,


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