How to Replace IPhone 3G LCD for Under $50

By: Gaird8


Uploaded on April 07, 2009 by Gaird8 Powered by YouTube

Step-by-step video showing how to remove and replace the LCD screen on an iPhone 3G for under $50. 6:30 running time.

The well-known video from does not show all steps for the LCD, and they don't show the suction cup method to remove the glass. This one shows how to completely remove and replace a new LCD, including steps I could not find shown elsewhere. This is for the LCD only, not the digitizer or the glass. Parts were ordered on Amazon. $35 for the LCD and $6 for the toolkit. This video highlights the LCD repair, and does not show the details of taking the phone apart. Since there are plenty of videos that show how to disassemble/reassemble the phone, we focus only on the LCD.

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