RONAN'S ESCAPE - Trailer for the Australian Short Movie on School Bullying, Starring David Lazarus

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RONAN'S ESCAPE is an intense Australian short movie that deals with the topic of School Bullying. It will be in theaters and on Festivals in Australia and also world wide from Summer 2009 into 2010, before being finally published on DVD.

Starring David Lazarus, aka YouTube user lazdav:


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Update from Twitter February 24th 2010
Article about the red carpet premiere

Update from Twitter, February 24th 2010
Visit the website of the Sedona Film Festival

Update from Twitter, February 19th 2010:

Update from Twitter, February 13th 2010:
The movie soundtrack, composed by Hamilton Cleverdon, is available for purchase on iTunes

Update from Twitter,. December 7th 2009:
Congrats to the Sundance Short Film class of 2010. TG we didn't make it this year but it's an exciting year ahead

Update September 7th 2009:
RONAN'S ESCAPE is now on IMDb:

Update September 4th 2009:
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Update August 30th 2009:
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Update July 28th 2009:
ronansescapeis finished!!!! (finally!). We have the files and are authoring the DVD. Now to start entering festivals again!!!!
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Update July 14th 2009:
Composer Hamilton Cleverdon "finished the very final draft of the Ronan's Escape soundtrack!!! It will be on Amazon and iTunes within the next few weeks!"
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Update July 7th 2009:
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Update June 27th 2009:
Listen to music by the movie's composer Hamilton Cleverdon,
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Update June 26th 2009:
Pictures from the lighting processing sessions on Facebook:


School Bullying is a serious matter, and a most painful thing for the victims, physically, and mentally.

Kel had to suffer from being bullied for a long time, but, albeit being in no position to match his torturer physically, and standing the slightest chance of winning this war by physical power, he maintained inner strength ... and he got extra support when it was needed the most .

Therefore, Kel was able to stand his ground, mustering all courage he had, and finally got rid of the bully, by the help from school authorities ...

... and by the brave support of his best friend.

Victims of bulling need our help. We may not look away. We may not turn a blind eye.

We are needed.

You are needed.

Be a bright spot in a dark place.


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