Smallville: Clana - Iris (Remake)

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Please watch the full version of this vid here: *******www.imeem****/hollywoodgirl2005/video/pOFvNFQE/holl...
Please watch the full version of this vid here: *******www.imeem****/hollywoodgirl2005/video/pOFvNFQE/hollywoodgirl2005-smallville-clana-iris-tv-video/ So lolllipoppsx333 is hosting this super cool contest where you have to remake your first video. I had been thinking of hosting a similar contest but she beat me to the punch. Which is all good cuz this way I get to participate in the making of the vids :) Well my first vid was a Clana vid. It was a lot of fun going back to redo parts and include all 8 seasons (whereas before I had only 6 seasons to work with). While I am still very proud of my first video I do feel I have improved since. I tried to keep true to my original vid tho. Hence the extremely simple editing (heck I even considered making this in Windows Movie Maker but just couldn't bring myself to go back, lol). I also tried to keep some parts the same as in the first...didn't succeed too much in that but I did keep my favorite matches in there! You can see my original video here: *******www.imeem****/hollywoodgirl2005/video/1Ds_QkSK/hollywoodgirl2005-smallville-clana-iris-tv-video/ I hope you like this remake/updated video!! PLEASE RATE, COMMENT and ENJOY :D Song: see end credits in the full length vid on imeem :) I DO NOT OWN THE MATERIAL! THIS WAS MADE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY :)