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in english:
Hi, this is an interview with the stars of H2O just add water: Phoebe Tonkin, Cariba Heine and Claire Holt. Its the short version with clips from the show...

But it's only in german. I'm REALLY sorry for this!!! But I can't change it... so please don't complain too much about it... I know that its stupid...
I have upload it before and there were so much critism that I remove it... but many people ask me to upload it again...
So I know its stupid and they should have make subtitels or something like that but like I said I cannot change this... but for all that I hope you enjoy it... maybe you will..

in deutsch:
das ist ein Interview mit den H2O Plötzlich Meerjungfrau Stars: Phoebe Tonkin, Cariba Heine und Claire Holt. Dies ist die kurze Version mit Ausschnitten aus der Serie...

Here is the text version of the interview: I made it myself so there are a lot of mistakes because I had to translate it sometimes and it's really hard to do that, so I hope you understand it...

Text Version of the H2O Just add water Logo Interview (short):

Narrator: Cleo, Emma and Rikki are 3 girls, who take a bath in a secretly pool, which is in a vulcan, by accident. After this everthing changes for them. Everytime they touch water the girls turn into mermaids. Much work for the costumers.

Claire Holt: Well we started out with that they measure us and make a plaster mould, so that they could make the big mermaid tail we swim with. The tail is made of the same material like diving suits. After that the tail was painted well and designed.

Cariba Heine: We lay down, then there are some people, who help us: do the zip and a few buckles and than they roll us into the water. And that's how we get out as well
so it's really quick.

Narrator: As they don't be mermaids, they have got quite normal problems for exampel
with the bad boys next doors but because of their supernatural powers, which they
get with their change, they can displace the bad boys and make other cool things.

Phoebe Tonkin: Yeah, I think every little girl wants to be a mermaid or fairy. I made even a mermaid party when I was five. I really want to have supernatural powers
and a mermaid tail, which I wear every day at works, so... It's pretty cool...

Narrator: The kissing scene were less supernatural, though.

Claire Holt: It's such a prescribed thing from script and the director gives instructions:
how do you should turn your head and where you should look at anyway. It's
definetly not romantic... it can be where strange, too because you kiss someone
in front of the hole film crew...

Narrator:In real life the three young women don't have supernatural powers but much fun
with each other...

Cariba Heine: I think it's definetly a difference, if you go to school together or if you shoot a TV- show together. We have got an other relationship than other people. We spend a lot time together and we had luck that we get well a long with each
other, otherwise I could be really hard but it was really good.

Narrator: H2O just add water sundays quarter to eigth at ZDF.

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