Transformers Soundtrack - Arrival to Earth & Scorponok / Piano

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Me playing my own interpretation by ear (and later wrote out on sheet by myself - see below) of 'Arrival to Earth' followed by 'Scorponok' from the Transformers original score/soundtrack, by Steve Jablonsky. Its hard to believe the original score was never going to be released, just the soundtrack with popular songs was released at first, then I think through demand the actual score by Steve Jablonsky was unleashed to the world lol.

I love the soundtrack and its one of my favourites in recent years, I did my best to transcribe the pieces by ear, and adapt for solo piano, and I am actually very pleased with the results considering I only spent a matter of hours putting it together. Please excuse my strange ninja impression at the end of the piece :)

Thanks for listening ;)

Sheet music (only for intermediate/advanced players):

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