The Corpse Grinders Sphincter-clamping Cult Movie Review

By: Babette Bombshell


Uploaded on August 04, 2012 by Babette Bombshell Powered by YouTube

The beautiful and bone-crushing Babette Bombshell, The Plus-size Goddess of Gore, brings you sphincter-clamping reviews from the deepest corners of her cult cinema cesspool. In this episode she reviews Ted V. Mikels 1971 cult classic, The Corpse Grinders. The Corpse Grinders... Pertinent clips are used in compliance with section 107 of US copyright law (17 U.S.C. 107) as Fair Use pertaining to review, criticism, & educational purposes. Main title music: "Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera" by Surf Trio Special thanks to Jeff Martin, Ron Kleim and Surf Trio for their permission to use the incredible music from their album Forbidden Sounds. Babette's cinematic selections are her own. They are based upon her own unique criteria and have no relation to any measure of taste, quality or decency. Watch films that she suggests at your own risk. Follow Babette on facebook:
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