WWE Dave Batista Scares the Life Out of Apprehensive LA Paparazzi VIDEO

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Wow. This is a funny one, fellow Reel Wrestlers! While some LA paps are trying to discreetly shoot video and stills from their car, they get nailed by one of Daves lady friends hes eating with. Shes cool with it and even invites them over to take some shots after lunch. When he finishes his meal, Dave tries to entice the pap over to get a picture of the "caterpillar" on his forehead. But the main videographer is understandably very reluctant to approach and even tries to get in Daves good graces by assuring him he is a big fan. The joke is on our pap who gets the "you know what" scared out of him when Dave jumps out at him! Very funny! Marrese Crump and the others were practically on the ground laughing!

Enjoy this video and get some funny insights from the World WWE Champion Batista about his future plans and when/where his "thumb ends up his butt" which is a reference to his last TMZ video posted on their site. (If you havent seen that video, check it out here: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/11/batista-wwe-wrestling-move-video Batista is a genuinely nice guy who greets his fans. He also tells pap #2 hes got NO CHANCE OF EVER LOOKING LIKE THE ANIMAL!!!

Batista ends the interview as he heads back to his INSANE blacked out G55 rimmed and tinted up Mercedes Wagon, telling us that his desired super power would be to have a 10-inch thumb. And right before he gets into the car and takes off, he lets us get a sneak peak of what "THUMBS UP" really means! LOL

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