Dancing Matches Bar Magic Trick Cool Bar Trick Revealed!

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The Magic Dancing Matches bar trick:
In this trick we reveal how to make matches magically move from just the sound of music in this cool bar trick! To hustle free drinks, bet someone they can't make 2 matches move on the rim of a glass without touching the glass or matches, or blowing on the matches. For this bar trick you'll need 2 wooden match sticks and 2 identical wine glasses full of the exact amount of water or wine.

The Magic Dancing Matches bar trick revealed:
Step 1:
To set up the bar trick, make sure each glass has the same exact amount of water or wine in it. Balance the matches on the rim of one glass. Propose the bet.

Step 2:
To perform the trick, place the glass without the matches within a half-inch of the glass with the matches. Dip your finger in this glass and slowly rub your finger around the rim of the glass until you hear the sound of music.

The magic behind The Magic Dancing Matches bar trick:
The magic behind this trick reveals that rubbing the glass in this manner produces sound waves, which then travel to the other glass, making it vibrate and causing the matches to dance.

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