Warrior Brothers Meet 12-06-2012: John-Paul Riley Vs. Kevin Part 2

By: John-Paul Riley


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http://www.warriorbrothers.info http://facebook.com/warriorbrothers http://twitter.com/warriorbrothers Warrior Brothers Mission Statement: "We grow ourselves into heroes by teaching each other to love, with humility, the men we long to fight." Warrior Brothers meets weekly. This is a safe space for men who want to practice wrestling of all kinds, enjoy camaraderie and man-to-man affection, explore what it means to express aggression and affection with your brothers. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, and want to experience this unique space which marries masculine aggression, masculine affection, and masculine authenticity, send me a message. WARNING: Most of the participants are wired for men, and most of the participants have aggression tied into their sexual energy. One of the unique experiences of the Warrior Brothers meets is learning/experiencing what it is like to be comfortable with the very human and sacred sexual arousal that is natural for Warrior Brothers who enjoy fighting. I am sorry, but it is a terrible, hypocritical affliction of our society that insists the two should be separate. Men whose inborn aggression is not tied to their sexual energy are welcome, but they must respect the unique space we have created.
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