*Extreme* Pole Dancing - Contortionist Moves *

By: sapphirecatzeye


Uploaded on May 19, 2008 by sapphirecatzeye Powered by YouTube

I was inspired after watching some of the contortionist rythmic dancers on youtube, to keep practiceing some of my more contortion moves on the pole. I spent most of the morning stretching for this video, so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i was happy about makeing it. It took alot of effort to do all these moves in one hour.
I have named some of the more unique stunts, and some simular ones that i have changed up a bit, in case anyone else wants to try them.
Here they are in order:
(Full Circle)Head to Toe Bow and Arrow- 00:23
Super Levatation - 00:40
Bending Knee Hold [Matrix]- 00:58
Stag - 1:13
Jewlbox backstretch- 1:34
The Mermaid - 1:44
Madien Figurehead- 1:52
Reverse Seat- 2:04
Handspring to Gemini - 2:13
Contortionist's Handstand- 2:53
Fall to split (Bad view) - 3:12
Super Cresent Moon - 3:27
Contortionist's Gemini -4:17
Contortionist's Handstand II (repeat)- 4:45
I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who leaves me comments on here, it REALLY keeps my spirits lifted to know that there are people who love pole dance as a art form.
Sometimes while I am at a club performing i forget that people can be anything but vulgar, but youtube has such a great community of supporters/ performers/ fans.
And i thank EVERYONE who suscribes to my videos, comments, watches, rates, show's their friend, get's inspired, favorites, and repeat's views, on my videos.
THANK all of you *SO* much!

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