Breathe Easy: Matthew Macfadyen and Keely Hawes

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My new vid about amazing Matthew Macfadyen and Keely Hawes.(please read the storyline)

I dedicate this vid to my dear friend Zeynep (Matthewturkey) who helps me all the time!

Please read it:


Transmigration of souls is one of my favourite topics. So I though it would be
nice to make a vid about it.
Another question what engages me for a long time is: Can true love ever die?
I know,it sounds strange, but it is very interesting in reality! lol

So my new vid involves about two lovers who were disjoined and more
than 200 years later they get a new chance to be together

First part of the vid - grey clips - past (18th century)

Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen) meet his real love, Samantha (Keely Hawes). She reciprocates
his feelings,but the couple can´t be together because of different social standings. So
they have to break up their relationship, although they are still in love with each other.

Second part of the vid - colour clips - present (21th century)

Tom Quinn gets to know a young woman calls Zoe.Firstly their relationship is very
comlicated, however by and by they discover they love each other.

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