Ben 10 Ultimate Alien-Ben 10,000 Ultimate Humangausaur

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He first appears in Too Hot To Handle, while fighting P'andor and his helpers, but almost causes a cave-in. He later appeared in Hero Time. Where he was furious at Overlord for taking Julie, and fought him to save her. Overlord was no match for him, but he had to change into Goop to save Julie. He later appeared in Where the Magic Happens to take down the Adwaita, but right when he was about to win, Aggregor came in and finished the villain and then escaped. He made his next appearance in The Enemy of My Enemy to try and defeat Kevin, but he sadly failed. In Girl Trouble, he was used to battle Antonio and won by electrocuting him with the light posts.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien-Ben 10, 000 Returns Ben 10, 000 Ultimate Humangausaur, Art & Animation
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