Crysis 1 Xbox 360 Gameplay (HD)

By: DeadPhoenix86


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Hello everyone.

today they released Crysis 1 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. the version i played its pretty oblivious ;)

at the first part of the game. there's a part missing. no idea what went wrong with recording. but, after that the video is complete. I'm just screwing around. was just playing for fun. the controls are like Crysis 2. and the game runs very smooth. so far i haven't noticed any frame rate issue's, unlike the second game. where it suddenly drops to 15 fps.

in the end. this an amazing port. i never thought I'd see Crysis 1 on consoles. this really shows the power of CryEngine 3 :)

note: the video is a bit out of sync. and i already figured out the problem.
it will be fixed in my upcoming video's :)

for people wondering if there's a multi-player inside the game. the answer is no.

hope you enjoy :)

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