♫ MEDWYN GOODALL - Water Song (Music for Relaxation & Meditation)

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Artist: Medwyn Goodall
Album: Guardian Spirit
Song: Water Song
Genre: New Age
Release: 1995

Other songs from this album: Heaven & Earth, Wolf Companion, Forest Spirits, Nature's Dream, Night Protection

A best selling Native American styled album.
Highly catchy and melodic. Second part of the Spirit trilogy of Native American titles.

Medwyn's exploration to find the power within the Native American Spirit, takes us along a rhythmic, mystical journey in search of our own Guardian Spirit. As with a true Guardian, the musics own enormous power is delivered with the gentlest touch of pure love.

Relax, unwind and meditate with soothing, peaceful music. Music for the body, mind and spirit. Music that can awaken us, change us and enlighten our world.

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