One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (February 17th 2012 Sanremo Music Festival - Italy)

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Since people (especially from USA) were insulting Italian people I deleted ALL the bad comments. We don't d...
Since people (especially from USA) were insulting Italian people I deleted ALL the bad comments. We don't deserve hate. You are NOT better than us! And YES we understand English. We all study 3 languages in school, so in general we speak 3 languages. You are the ones who can speak only 1 language. Poor you....And One Direction are EUROPEAN, so they are OURS, not yours! READ THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION HERE: Presenter: Earlier during the show I talked about One Direction, this English band that right now is at No. 1 on the Best-Selling Albums Chart in Italy. This morning there were lots of kids waiting outside the theater because the news of their appearance here tonight spread quickly via Twitter, Facebook etc. They have 54 millions of views on YouTube! Anyway now we're going to meet them. They are right behind this wall waiting, they are One Direction! (performance) Harry: Thank you! P: One Direction! Welcome guys. Harry: Thank you, thank you. Can we just say quick something? P: Would you like to say something to your new Italian fans? Harry: Please, yeah. We just want to say a massive thank you because our fans in Italy led us to No. 1 and we are here because of them, so thank you so much! We owe it all to you. Thank you! Liam: Thank you Italy! P: Can you introduce yourself? L: I'm Louis L: I'm Liam H: I'm Harry N: I'm Niall Z: And I'm Zayn H: And we are One Direction P: I know that you met during X-Factor and that you appeared as solo artists at the beginning, then you became friends and you decided to form a band. Is that true? Liam: Yeah, kinda. We entered the show as solo artists, then we formed the band during the show, so we have known each other for two years now and it's really amazing being where we are right now. P: How do you feel about being at No. 1 on the Italian chart? Louis: It's absolutely amazing being at No. 1 in Italy, it's just a dream and we want to say thanks to the fans. Very nice bow-tie!