07 Meteora Linkin Park - Figure .09

By: Dragon8976


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READ ME FIRST: Yes this song is number 8 on Meteroa if you count the intro Foreword I didn't so, I pushed everything back a track number. IF you own the album you will see that foreword is track 1 and Figure .09 is track 8. But since I didn't count or post foreword this becomes 7. Hope that answers your question about the track number and please stop asking this. Also, If anyone posts another comment about people not liking or liking a certain thing and calls that person idiots or something of that nature I will remove your comments. It is stupid.

The Seventh Song In Meteora

Update 1: Over 100K Views Holy Shit! Thanks, guys for helping me reach this.
Update 2: OMFG OMFG OMFG 200K views, that's just insane!!!!!
Update 3: December 11th 2010 300K views. I think we can agree this is the best song on the album?

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