Sea Tiger Suicide Training Camp Uncovered

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A suicide sea tiger training camp which was maintained under the guise of a Sinhalese Language and Cultural Training Centre has been recovered from Puthukudiyiruppu East. Lanka.html
Our Special Representative Kelum Gunatileka giving more information said that the tiger terrorists have operated a training centre for suicide cadres under the cover of a Sinhala Language and Culture Study Centre. The 572nd Brigade commanded by Col. Senarath Bandara of the 57th Division of Major Gen. Jagath Dias, recovered a number of concealed items used in suicide missions. There were ten kits used on the chest, 9 kits on waist, and 10 incomplete kits. A helmet used by suicide bombers was found for the 1st time. Under garments of women to be used in suicide missions showed that both males and females had been given training at the location to undertake suicide missions. They had been provided training while living amidst the Sinhala community. A map showing the City of Colombo, Mt-Lavinia and Hambanthota indicating the efforts of the terrorists to take away the life of the President was recovered. One RCL heavy weapon, components of a 76 mm weapon used in armourd cars, smoke bombs, claymore mines, hand grenades, 1070 shells of a peddle gun, 595 detonators, 11 anti armourd vehicle pressure bombs and 50 ball bearings used in suicide bombs, were recovered. 50 kilograms of TNT explosives, 7 kilograms of C4 explosives and hundreds of claymore structures, and RPG shells were concealed in two pits that were constructed akin to septic tanks. The 9th Armourd Corps and the 18th Vijayaba Regiment carried out the search operations.

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