Legend of Zelda Lore in a Minute

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PeanutbutterGamer gives you the info on Zelda's Lore up to the beginning of Ocarina of Time. Subscribe for...
PeanutbutterGamer gives you the info on Zelda's Lore up to the beginning of Ocarina of Time. Subscribe for New Lore every Wednesday! Art by D.J. "Metaly" Ross *******www.youtube****/vghangover *******www.vghangover**** Narrated by PeanutButterGamer *******www.youtube****/peanutbuttergamer Written by Dodger *******www.youtube****/presshearttocontinue Edited by Schroeder *******www.youtube****/TheWarpZone TRANSCRIPT: In a distant time when the world was void, three goddesses were like "that planet looks super depressing" and descended to create order and life. The Goddess of Power created the land and dyed the mountains red with fire. The Goddess of Wisdom created science and magic, bringing order and balance to the world. Lastly, the Goddess of Courage created all life and the spirits within them. Upon leaving the planet the goddesses sealed a very small portion of their power within The Triforce, a mighty artifact with the power to grant any desire. Should a mortal wish to pursue the Triforce, he or she would need to possess the three forces of Power, Wisdom, and Courage equally. Without balance, the Triforce would split into three parts, leaving the person who touched it with the one piece that most represented their soul. The other two pieces would travel to the ones chosen by destiny. But now the question is... where's the Triforce? With the promise of a wish granted, people of all races scoured the globe for an entrance to the Sacred Realm to obtain their dreams. One came to be known as the Door of Time. Only with the Ocarina of Time, protected by the royal family, and the three spiritual stones guarded by the major races, could the Door of Time to the Temple of Time be entered and the Master Sword collected from the Pedestal of Time by the Hero of Time, acting as the final lock between the real world and the Sacred Realm. As luck would have it, being the Hero of Time and all, the other two owners of the Triforce pieces are a megalomaniac Gerudo king and the princess he just captured. You got some catching up to do to save her but don't worry. Your fairy friend will help. Have fun! Are you JAMMIN' on TGS? *******www.thegamestation.tv *******www.facebook****/thegamestation *******www.twitter****/tgstation