Barefoot Kajira - My Bare Feet Shivering at Minus 4° C

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Once again trying to fulfill your wishes....
The woods nearby are shimmering in their winter glory. The air is crisp and cold. When I left the car in my bare feet, the cold embraced me right away - whispering to me.. .asking me to accept a dare. You know I cannot resist... With but a little smile on my face I left the cuddly warmth of the car and set foot into the awe-inspiring maidenhood of the snow. The first sensation was the softness of the ground and my foot sinking in deep. It was a lovely change from warmth to cold - it wakened my senses. The calmness of the woods made it kind of a spiritual ceremony. No sound could be heard from my moves as the snow swallowed it all. As I walked down a dozy path, the cold kept on creeping slowly into my naked soles that have toughened up by experience, but are yet tender... As time went on I felt I was losing control over my toes... they were so cold that the nerves were obviously numbed by the cold. Finally, when I lost complete control over my feet it became too dangerous (you start stumbling...) and I had to finish my little excursion. I got back in the car and put my bare feet up on the dashboard, where I left them until I got home, ignoring the irritated looks of oncoming drivers. My soles were bright red and I could feel my body pumping blood into my feet to revive them - the feeling of life in all its purity

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