Minecraft - Stratosphere Survival Map - Ep. #42 - Owning Those Challenges!

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Please leave a comment + rating if you enjoyed the episode =) James and Simon have landed on the Minecraft Stratosphere Survival Islands, stranded with no way home. We must complete a list of challenges and overcome each island, claiming it as our own! Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/runeshark Play along with us! Follow the link here to visit the official download page; http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/779763-epicadvsurvstratosphere-survivalv740000-dlsjungle-nether123/ Challenges: Adventure: Find 3 temples Get to the nether Discover notchs true intentions Get 15 diamonds Complete the volcano maze Beat the grassland dungeons (the starting isle) Pray to the lord of fire, the god of ice, and the creator Kill the ender dragon Find the village of the damned Find the diamond block of the damned Explore the sewers Find a strip club Complete your mission, and follow the tracks of agent 843 to his last know location Restore The Fortress Of Flame to its former glory (Clean all the cobwebs) Farming: Get 64 melon BLOCKS Get 64 Jack'o'lanterns Make 128 bread Make a Slime Farm (Hint: Mojang are very close friends of the slimes) Make a mob spawner/ exp farm Make an AUTOMATIC mushroom farm (Harvested by pressing a button) Crafting: Make a nether portal Make an enchantment table Get a silk touch pick, of any type of pickaxe Make 5 eye of enders Make AT LEAST 5 different potions Make a cake Make an iron block Make a gold block Make something cool with redstone Make 5 magma cream Build your own house with the testificates Connect to all the islands Make a rail link to at least one island Make 5 iron golems
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