Forbidden Zone in Color: 'Some of These Days' (Excerpt) [18+]

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This opening scene of Forbidden Zone In Color features the voice of Cab Calloway and introduces the audience to the forbidden underworld, run by the evil Queen, Susan Tyrrell, and the horny little midget King, played by Herve Villechaise, from Fantasy Island. Watch this complete clip from Forbidden Zone In Color at: Find out about our latest exclusive YouTube videos by subscribing to the Buzzine Director's Channel: ‪‬ Check out thousands of original film, TV and music interviews online at the Buzzine website: ‪‬ Follow Buzzine on Twitter: ‪ Buzzine‬ Like Buzzine on Facebook: ‪ BuzzineNetworks Tags: Cab Calloway, Fantasy Island, Film, Herve Villechaise, musical, Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, Richard Elfman, Susan Tyrrell, Oingo Boingo, Forbidden Zone, Forbidden Zone Color,
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