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The Ascent of King Elfstone (Intl version) § Nights in White Satin - The Moody Blues

0:00 Introduction - Pippins Song (All Shall Fade)
1:08 Nights in White Satin
6:46 Late Lament /Eowyn's Dirge/Finale
8:29 Epilogue - Live to Be A Hundred (Edit) § Eldarion's Lament

Enlightened by Flame Imperishable,
Compelled by Eru Ilúvatar through Ainulindalë & Manwë,
and whispered on the wind by Olorin's Rhea "Siberian Wrath" - Romestamo

තිතිති...§ The Ascent of King Elfstone §...තිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිති
තිතිතිතිතිතිති... Writer § Findegil තිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිති
තිතිති...Composition § Rómestámo තිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිති
තිතිතිතිතිති...Dictated § Eldarion Telcontar & The Suns of Ages තිතිතිතිතිතිතිතිති
තිතිතිතිති..Inspiration § Curtis Stieger, J R R Tolkien, & J. Michael Straczynski ති
ති Acknowledgements § Olórin, Aiwendil, Morinehtar, The Moody Blues and ELP

According to Justin Hayward, Nights in White Satin as written. fit with the "Days of Future Passed" album. Although originally written about love lost, the Knight/Night homophone was intentional. I first heard and so associate the song (and ELP's Lucky Man) with The Lord of the Rings, especially Aragorn. And since "Days" can either be considered a reminiscence only, or like the parable about the ages of man, I considered NIWS meant to describe the "evening into night" of life, loss of loved ones, the look on the endless night, and the end. If you have lived with elderly parents who have lost their partner, the descent into talking to themselves is repeating several phrases like "I love you" and "I want to go home". The soul cannot lie.
So I did this from the perspective of Eldarion and the Kings Scribe Findegil , two centuries after the loss of his father Aragorn, King Elfstone, and his mother Arwen. He returns to the empty halls of Rivendell where the shards of Narsil once lay, just as Aragorn had returned to visit his mother's tombstone three hundred years earlier.

PS. If you look at the cover art of "Days of Future Passed" you clearly see the image of a Knight on Horseback (perhaps the flowing fabric from the helmet is Satin).

Dante's Prayer
The Sage
Afraid of Sunlight
Samain Night

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