Go for Broke! (1951) (Part 5 of 11)

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Because young Japanese men of the second generation (nisei) were often eager to fight against the Axis Powers, Japanese-American units were created in the Army and deployed to the Mediterranean and European theaters. The 442nd Infantry Regiment was the largest of these nisei units. Fighting in Italy and southern France, the 442nd was known for its bravery and determination, as reflected by the unit motto: "Go for broke!"

The 442nd Regimental Combat Team is the most highly decorated unit in American military history for its size and length of service.

Their battle record:

7 Major Campaigns in Europe
9,486 Casualties
18,143 Individual Decorations
7 Presidential Unit Citations
(5 of which were earned in a single month)

Their decorations:

21 Medals of Honor
52 Distinguished Service Crosses
1 Distinguished Service Medal
560 Silver Stars
28 Oak Leaf Clusters
22 Legion Merit Medals
15 Soldier's Medals
4,000 Bronze Stars
9,486 Purple Hearts

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