How to Upload Pictures, Videos or Music Onto Your PSP!

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1. Turn on your psp
2. Go to usb mode
3. Plug your usb cable into your computer and into your psp.
4. You may have a pop up window asking you what you want to open the psp files up in. If this does not appear go to step 7.
5. You need to select the folder option.
6. Go to my computer and open the folder that either says removable disk or what you have named it yourself!
7. You will see a video, music, picture and psp folder. (on my psp I have portals so that is why I have lots of folders!)
8. Simply if you have a music folder open that folder and cut and paste (or drag and drop) the music folder to the psp!
9. If you want to put videos on, just cut and paste (or drag and drop) your video file into the video folder!
10. Lastly, if you want to add pictures, cut and paste (or drag and drop) your pictures into the picture folder!
11. You may have a loading bar pop up when you try to add a file. When that bar has finished loading the file will have been stored on your psp's memory!
12. Disconnect your psp by pressing O on your psp!
13. Go and find the files that you have added to your psp!
14. Some formats may not work on your psp and may not be playable, you will just have to hunt around for the write format!


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