40 Expressions

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*******www.bubzbeauty**** *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty I think I know why you guys think I remind you...
*******www.bubzbeauty**** *******www.twitter****/bubzbeauty I think I know why you guys think I remind you guys of an anime character. I am so freaking exaggerated. o_o These expressions are requested from my subbies!!! Thank you for the suggestions! I did the ones I thought were appropriate! I'm starting this tag! Yes! 40 expressions! Be as animated as you like. Video response it baby! 1.Happy 2.Sad 3.Scared 4.Stressed 5.Shy 6.Shocked 7.Innocent 8.Unattractive 9.Asian pose 10.Sarcastic 11.In love 12.Huffy 13.Threatening 14.Typical teenager 15.Annoyed 16.Insulted 17.Lost 18.Pissed off 19.Flirty 20.Tired 21.Bitchy 22.Listening to music 23.Aggravated by a fly 24.Im watching you pose 25.Evil 26.Anxious 27.Smart 28.Crying 29.Checking someone out 30.Outcast 31.Bored 32.Daydreaming 33.Refreshed 34.Cold 35.Hot 36.Fake 37.Excited 38.Falling asleep 39.Confused 40.Winking