1980 Yamaha DT Enduro 175

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This is my 1980 Yamaha DT Enduro 175. I got it for free from my dad's friend about 5 years ago. I cleaned it up a bit and the engine was in pretty good shape so all I did was replace the gaskets. I also had to replace the handlebars so I used some stock Honda CRF230 ones that were just laying around. Other than that just about everything, besides maybe the tires and battery, is stock.

It is an air cooled, oil injected two stroke. It doesn't have nearly the power band of todays two strokes but it was really meant as a trail bike.

The wiring is really messy and you have to kill it with the key instead of the kill switch or else you get a nice electric shock which I have gotten too many times.

I don't really ride it that much but when I do it is really fun.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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