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Well guys im officially pissed they muted this vid as soon as i put it up so i put it up again i swear they dont like me and because of this here is my disclaimer youtube: DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VID! THIS VID IS PURELY FAN MADE FOR ENTERTAINMET PURPOSES ONLY! ALL PICTURES BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS ALL MUSIC USED BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS AND BLEACH BELONGS TO TITE KUBO. PLZ YOUTUBE STOP MUTING/DELETING MY VIDS Now that thats over here are the songs i used AND AE NOT MINE JUST BORROWING THEM in order: ~Opening: Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva *This is NOT mine* ~Transition: Back in Black by ACDC*This is not mine* ~Ichigo - The animal I have become by three days grace *this is not mine!* ~Rukia - Addicted by Kelly Clarkson *this is not mine!* ~Renji - Headstrong by Trapt *This is not mine!* ~Kon - Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue *this is not mine!* ~Orihime - Pressure by Paramore *This is not mine!* ~Urahara - Stone Cold Crazy by Queen *This is not mine!* ~Byakuya - Beautiful Lie by 30 seconds to mars *This is not mine!* ~Ikkaku - Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback *This is also not mine!* Look for part II, its coming soon and the Espada are in that one ^_____^ anyhoo enjoy people
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