Naked Guy Picking Up Girls

By: FreddyFairhair


Uploaded on September 29, 2013 by FreddyFairhair Powered by YouTube

Wanted to try a video with a little Vitaly and Remi Gaillard type of craziness.
What a freedom I felt doing this haha!
The mic was on my pants that I took off and on Luke and Morten who were around.

PS... in high school, I was actually afraid of showering together with others after PE classes:)

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Thanks to all these great men:
Morten Hake (inspiration and filming)
Øystein Rabbe (editing, filming and equipment)
Jostein Svalheim (editing, filming)
Luke Eilers (filming)
Shogo Garcia (filming)
Svein Mathias (thumbnails)
Eivind Grønning (fliming)

Wanna know Fred´s secret to confidence and get a boner that easily? He doesn´t watch porn. More about that here, from former Youtube prankster, now guru and Fred´s roomie, GoldJacketLuke:

Achieving success in life... whether it's dating, business or being the coolest person in the neighborhood. Check out Morten (the guy at 0:20):

Going back to the states in a couple of days and looking a LOT forward to it!

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