Arya Ek Deewana

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Arya (Allu Arjun) is an orphan who befriends Ajay (Navadeep). Arya is a very instinctive guy who takes tricky decisions in life. A millionaire adopts wants to adopt one of them. Arya wins the toss and sends Arya with them. The two grow up in different environment Ajay ignores Arya's friendship. Ajay a software professional employs Arya. At this juncture Shanti (Kajal Agarwal) joins the company. Ajay loses his heart at the first sight and so does Ajay. Shanti learns about Arya as an innocent, she realizes that he was not such a soft person and is just acting. But nobody believes her. Arya and Ajay both try to impress her in their own way and Ajay enacts a drama and makes Arya unpopular. Shanti's father is making attempts to get her married to his rival's son. On learning this, Arya goes to the village in Kurnool and plays another big drama and marries Shanti. But he calls Ajay and decides to unite them. He also makes arrangements to send them to the US. But Shanti's father comes to know this and stops Ajay from leaving Kurnool. In order to get his friend Ajay, Arya takes the help of the rival factionists and somehow manages to take away Ajay and Shanti with him.

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