EASY! How To Root Your Sprint Evo 4G (Part 2 of 3)

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This video is where we actually get our hands dirty. I show you how to set up your comp so you can get the Simple Root method working properly.

Follow EVERY step to a TEE and if something goes wrong with one of the steps, format your sd card and start over from Step-1. Happy rooting!

For download links please visit my post on AndroidandMe.com: http://bit.ly/an1B4p
Simple Root:
First you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework on your PC

Install HTC Sync on your PC

Download the OTA Simple Root.zip and unzip it.
http://bit.ly/an1B4p (See links on the site)

* Open the OTA Simple Root filder, then open the OTA Simple Root program and click the buttons starting from Step 1-4 and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

* After you're done with step 4, open the menu and click "Extras" then "Flash Recovery". Then select the Recovery of your choice.

* Remove all of the files no longer needed on your sd card after you've completed all the steps by clicking "Extras" then "Clean Root-Files"

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