Romasanta: "The Animal Inside Myself"

By: CampanellinoAngie


Uploaded on August 19, 2009 by CampanellinoAngie Powered by YouTube

(As always) warning! This video may contain spoilers. u.u

Another fan-video about our sooo looovely Julian Sands. ♥ (T^T I Love Him, definitely. ♥) Even in this strange 'brownie'-haired version he's really-really cute. (T^T ♥) I loved this movie and I especially loved the way he portrayed the character of M. B. Romasanta, so I decided to create another little tribute only for him and his relationship with the other main characters (after sooo many months of missing, the Inspiration finally knocked on the door ;P).

Movie: "Romasanta", by Paco Plaza (2004).
Songs: "Opener" & "Das Tier in Mir - Wolfen", by E Nomine.

Enjoy it and then watch the movie, if you didn't (absolutely recommended in my opinion *w* ♥).

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