General Hospital 04/08/2005 Part2 Sexy Sam & Jealous Jason

By: eedernator


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Heres a few clips of JaSam in the Bahamas when Jason and Sam was looking Michael by finding info about Faith not knowing AJ was there with Michael! I put this mostly for fun hell any scene seeing Sam/Kelly in two piese how can it not be fun but it's the way Sam says to Jason guys like to talk a lot when they are trying to get a with a woman! Jason needs to feel more jealous like he does in these and realize what he's got! THe looks and reacts by Jason are priceless! Hell if she talked to me looking like that I would confess every crime ever comitted! Question name one other woman on GH that will even come close to looking that hot in a bikini! Clip/Credit go to NickyM96/Trusted Hearts

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