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By: Moyayuhi


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Opening video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3QaiIib9Vk
Since I made a fake opening for "TIN MAN", I decided to, right afterwards, make a fake ending. This one was much simpler, but still tricky. Even though I added more actors (I pulled them off of IMDB), I used the same crew list as from the opening, simply because it would take too long to type up the full ending credits, and, also, I probably wouldn't have been able to fit them all into one minute. WMM would only allow me to do four lines per segment.

The clip, I just did Slow Down, Half a couple of times. I thought something that simple would work well for a quick TV show ending. Also, WMM can't do all of the fancy stuff that expensive programs can. =( But, I like how it turned out, simple as it may be!

The song is "Houkiboshi" ("Comet") by "Younha". It was a "Bleach" ending theme. I got the lyrics off of Animelyrics.com, but, of course, there's no saying how accurate the translation is. Regardless, I thought that the full song fit "TIN MAN" nicely for its own reasons.

Looking up at the night sky alone, I saw a comet
I want to see you right now, but I can't fly through the sky
If perchance I could have become a comet
I would go flying through the sky, surely
I would definitely reach you, with this single moment of light
Lighting up your present and passing through the sky
If I could have become a comet
I would surely stay by your side, at any time

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