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Please get me on my knees just for you, I want to do it all for you.I want to kiss and caress you till ther...
Please get me on my knees just for you, I want to do it all for you.I want to kiss and caress you till there is no more.I want you more and more everyday, please why wont you stay?I'll bake you a cake and smother myself in vanilla frosting all for your guilty pleasures.Have your way with me I'm all ears, and in your hands.Your one of the few that understand me, understand where I'm coming from and where I belong.I belong with you, we belong together, forever and ever.Come into these arms again and lay your body down. The rhythm of this trembling heart is beating like a drum.It beats for you it bleeds for you,it knows not how it sounds.Please just dont bail on me the way everyone else has in the past, I need you.You are the only one that bring balance to my force.Help me, your my only hope.I honestly feel that we have something special here, don't you think so?I know so.I love the way you caress my hair and dry my skin after a nice hot shower.My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine, You make me smile with my heart. Your looks are laughable, unphotographable. Yet, you're my favorite work of art. Shower me with your rain, without you im so going insane.I need your love so much and so bad.I know you dont understand at the moment, but please just give me a chance to prove my undeniable love for you.I will love you higher than any mountain ever could, and deeper than any ocean.My love for you is infinite, please take my hand.I dont care who finds out anymore, I could care less.Its who I am, its who we are.We were meant to be together for all eternity.I'll change my mind for you.Your just such a nice and caring person.Nobody on the face of this earth is worthy other than you, I need you inside.I want you so much, I crave your angelic touch.I'm so in love, my heart belongs to you.So take me with you, so we can become one.One with love.