Fucking Åmål Part 1

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Fucking Åmål 1998 (Show Me Love)
Swedish Teen Drama / Romance with Englisch subtitles.
The film tells the story of two girls, Agnes and Elin, who go to school in the small boring town of Åmål in Sweden and therefor called "Fucking Amal". The film is centred around the lives of two seemingly disparate teenage girls who begin a tentative romantic relationship. Elin is outgoing and popular, but finds her life unsatisfying and dull. Agnes, by contrast, has no real friends and is constantly depressed. Agnes has a crush on Elin, but cannot find any way to express it.
It is a gritty, honest portrayal of teenage life for an adult audiance.
The Hollywood industry refused to run the original title and it was renamed : Show Me Love.

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